Living in a Small House is run by me, John di Stefano, interested in minimalism and enjoying life more while living with less. At least I want to kmow why I have what I have. 

Who is John di Stefano


I’m a family guy, in my mid-fifties, who lived in 5 different countries throughout Europe and experienced life in very large and very small houses and appartments.

After a difficult time financially, I was forced to lock at my life and the value of the things I owned in a different way and I learned that most of the stuff I had, had very little real value. It was all a bit of a hype.

At that stage I decided to not fall into the same trap again and be more aware of the things I buy and how I life my life.

This website is part of me, expressing myself and making a case for the less extreme side of minimalism.

I hope you enjoy and take something out of it.

Dominique and me
My wife Dominique and I